AleSong, Framboise, Wild Ale/ Lambic, 7.4%

AleSong, Framboise, Wild Ale/ Lambic, 7.4%

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Brewery: AleSong Brewing & Blending
Style: Framboise/ Lambic 
Strength: 7.4%

AleSong's framboise, French for raspberry, began its life as a blend of barrel-aged golden sour beer that was then conditioned on raspberries from Stahlbush Island Farms, imparting a beautiful magenta colour.

Jammy fruit aromas give way to a tart and refreshing beer that finishes crisp and dry.

Microbes: Saccharomyces, blend of brettanomyces and lactobacillus. Barrels: French oak. Fruit: Oregon grown raspberries

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