3 Fonteinen Golden Blend Vertical Tasting / Wed 24th Aug 7pm

3 Fonteinen Golden Blend Vertical Tasting / Wed 24th Aug 7pm

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To help celebrate Belgium Beer Week we're pulling out all the corks for something a little special. A vertical tasting of the legendary 3 Fonteinen's Oude Geuze Golden Blend

Why do we think Golden Blend is perfect for a vertical? It comes down to complexity, uniqueness and variety & Oude Geuze Golden Blend is a blend of one-, two-, three-and at least 25% four-year old lambic.

No two bottlings are alike, as there are multiple variables in the blending process, a variety of barrel sizes and shapes and differences in aged lambic proportions.

All this means we have 5 sublime, unique and of course very different and one off beers for you lucky folks to try:

Fonteinen Oude Geuze Golden Blend Vertical

1. Blend No. 52 (season 16|17) / Untappd 4.5
2. Blend No. 6 (season 17|18) / Untappd 4.5
3. Blend No. 31 (season 19|20) / Untappd 4.37
4. Blend No. 37 (season 19|20) / Untappd 4.34
5. Blend No. 44 (season 19|20) / Untappd 4.37

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