Breakside, Dark Cabaret, Imp Stout, 11%

Breakside, Dark Cabaret, Imp Stout, 11%

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Brewery: Breakside Brewing
Style: Imp Stout/ Kolmbacher
Strength: 11%

Excited to have this in for the first time from this awesome Portland outfit. Breakside's blended barrel-aged stout is a characterful expression of beer, barrels, and aging, no adjuncts needed.

The dominant base beer here is their interpretation of an historic German-style kulmbacher ale. What do they know about the style? That it was strong, dark, and hoppy.

60% Extra Strength Baltic Porter in Bourbon Barrels 10 months
30% Tropical/Export Stout in Bourbon Barrels 4 months
10% Traditional Russian Imperial Stout in Bourbon Barrels 24 months

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