'Don't Bring A Thing' BBQ 4 Pack

'Don't Bring A Thing' BBQ 4 Pack

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Brewery: V/A
Style: V/A
Strength: V/A

Socialising is back! You know, when you can go round to someone else's house. Amazing right? But as you haven't seen them in a while you can't just turn up empty handed. But you haven't asked what's on the menu! Not to worry this handy 4 pack is 4 different, but equally drinkable style that will go well with whatever your eating, veggies, seafood, white or dark meats. It's the perfect BBQW companion. Now just don't forget to bring the brolly too!

Queer Brewing Project - Flowers, Witbier - the bright, slight acidity of this beer sings with seafood, Thai, Vietnemese or even a fish curry. And the citrus will marry and harmonise with any citrussy foods.

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