"Who are you and what the heck have you got against cats??!"

The simple answer is, nothing!
Kill The Cat is a different breed of craft beer bar and bottle shop – one that entices you to be more adventurous in your beer choices.
So why Kill The Cat? Because it’s all about curiosity (see what we did there?).
Whether you're on the look out for the next small batch release from an obscure Estonian brewery, or whether you’ve been sipping your ‘reassuringly expensive’ pint of mainstream lager for a while and fancy seeing what else is out there, we‘re here to scratch your itch.
Our range isn't designed to be a compendium of every beer known to man, woman or cat, but a carefully curated and ever-changing selection of the finest and freshest beers out there, presented in a way that'll satisfy your curiosity.
Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this brand.
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